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Project Description
A java application that can be used to find links or any other text based content from a url and supports multiple layers of filtering.

About the Project
This project was originally meant to be practice so my java coding skills did not get rusty, but I thought it might be useful, so here it is. The source code is easy to understand and other filters should be easy to implement later on. The use of regular expressions allows the user to find any string in text based sources locally or over the web. The finder uses primary and secondary filters and only keeps matched content at each stage. This gives users the ability to choose between using 1 complex regex or multiple simple regular expressions to find what they want. Also if searching for links additional primary filters can be used to find content on those links. With this feature a user can traverse over multiple web pages until they find the link they want. This is really handy for downloading from very click intensive sites that sometimes make you traverse multiple pages before providing a download link.

April 28, 2013 - First release is up.

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